Introduction to Cupping Massage

With Chantel Moen RMT, R.Ac., Dip.TCM

Saturday June 25 & Sunday June 26, 2022

Edmonton, AB

Saturday October 22 & Sunday October 23, 2022

Calgary, AB

14 Primary Credits with CRMTA

Registration Cost $500 includes a glass cupping starter set and GST

To register or for more information email [email protected]

Class size is very limited due to Covid-19 protocols, register early to ensure availability. Registration is on a first come first served basis and places will not be held without payment.

Cupping Massage is a 2 day workshop designed to teach massage therapists how to incorporate cupping massage therapy into their daily practice. Massage therapists will learn the theory of cupping, as well as the practical skills to perform a full body cupping massage treatment. Cupping massage has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of muscular pain. It is easy to perform and provides deep muscular relief with minimal effort from the massage therapist. It is a great addition to any massage therapy practice to take the strain of a deep tissue massage off the therapist and still provide a deep muscular release for their patients.

In this workshop the therapist will learn:

  • the history, benefits and contraindications of cupping
  • how cupping massage affects the muscles, blood, lymphatic and nervous system
  • how to explain cupping massage to their patients and incorporate it into their practice
  • how to perform glass fire cupping, plastic pump cupping and silicone/rubber cupping
  • how to use cupping massage to treat common trigger points and acupressure points
  • a general cupping massage routine for the back and neck, and limbs
  • how to customize cupping massage for their patients complaint to provide maximum relief

What students are saying:

This course was by far my most favorite in the ten years I’ve been practicing.  Not only was the content inspirational and changed my way of thinking as an RMT but Chantel was fantastic.  She’s passionate, intelligent, well spoken and fun!!  You leave this weekend wanting more. – Tami Hoeppner, Edmonton, AB