Approved Continuing Education Courses

All Active and Associate CRMTA Members are required to complete 30 continuing education credits (CEC) every 3 years in order to maintain their CRMTA Membership. A maximum of 10 of the 30 credits can be secondary credits.

In order for a CRMTA member’s continuing education course to be counted towards their credit total, the course/ workshop must be approved by CRMTA. Please see below for the list of currently approved courses.

To see a list of CRMTA’s pre-approved and pre-scheduled courses and workshops, please download the course Approval Listing by clicking the button below.



Should you wish to take a course that is not currently on the approved course list, you may submit the course to CRMTA for evaluation. Please click below for the evaluation package and have the course instructor provide the necessary documents. Please note course approvals can take up to two months to review and assign credits. We highly recommend submitting the course for assessment prior to taking it as there is no guarantee that the course will be approved from credit assignment.