The Certified Registered Massage Therapist Association (CRMTA) is a professional association for RMTs in Alberta.

The CRMTA was established in Alberta for the purposes of maintaining and improving the professional standards of practice for the Massage Therapy industry. We offer a full range of Membership Options.

Along with being certified by our professional association, CRMTA members enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • The highest quality liability insurance coverage available to our member for professional liability insurance with the most competing membership price of only $332 per year.
  • CRMTA  provides occurrence-based liability coverage, which means that our members have coverage for claims that arise while they were registered as an ASSOCIATE or ACTIVE CRMTA member and are protected even after they are no longer in the Associate or Active category of membership for claims arising while they were such a member. For example, if they go on maternity leave, take time off to travel, or even stop being massage therapists. Coverage is based on whether or not they had insurance coverage on the date the incident occurred not on whether they are a member (i.e. had insurance) at the time a claim is made. Make sure you understand how your insurance protects you.
  • Ongoing Continuing Education workshops, some of which are offered free of charge to members.
  • Quality Assurance

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