Making a Complaint About an RMT

Complaint Process

A person who makes a complaint about an active member, associate member or student member of The Certified Registered Massage Therapist Association must do so in writing and must sign the written complaint. To help you through the process please use our complaint form as provided here. The complaint can be addressed to the Association, but shall be forwarded to the Chair of the Complaint Review Committee for handling.

Acting on a Complaint

Within thirty (30) days after receiving a complaint, the Chair of the Complaint Review Committee must give notice to both the member and the complainant of the action taken. Complaints about affiliate members or inactive members will be dealt with by the Board using their best judgment in the Board’s sole discretion and the process need not comply with the provisions of this article.

Complaint Review Committee

Upon review of a complaint, the Chair of the Complaint Review Committee may:
(a) encourage the complainant and the investigated person to communicate with each other and resolve the complaint;
(b) attempt to resolve the complaint;
(c) refer the member and complainant to an alternative complaint resolution process to resolve the complaint;
(d) conduct, or appoint an investigator to conduct, an investigation into the complaint;
(e) if satisfied that the complaint is trivial or vexatious, dismiss the complaint, or
(f) if satisfied that there is insufficient or no evidence of unprofessional conduct, dismiss the complaint.


A person conducting an investigation shall, upon concluding the investigation, report their findings to the President of the Association.

The President, upon review of the report of the investigator shall:
(a) direct that no further action be taken if the President is of the opinion that the complaint is frivolous or vexatious or there is insufficient evidence of unskilled or unprofessional conduct; or
(b) refer the matter under investigation to a hearing before a panel of the Complaint Review Committee.

Suspension Pending Decision

The Chair of the Complaint Review Committee may recommend to the President of the Association that the member be temporarily suspended from membership pending the outcome of the hearing. This temporary suspension power shall only be used in cases of allegations of serious misconduct alleging a real and potential risk of harm to the public.


All hearings by the Complaint Review Committee will be conducted pursuant to the rules of natural justice and the policies and procedures adopted by the Board.