Massage Therapy is regulated by the governments of some provinces or territories, and as such professional standards vary across the country.

Massage Therapy is not a regulated health profession in Alberta, although the province and several others are working to attain this by lobbying for the creation of colleges that certify Massage Therapists who have completed a certain level of training.

The CRMTA offers a comprehensive range of membership types.

Massage Therapy is regulated in:

Massage Therapists who are registered in one province are allowed to practice in another province once they complete a ‘jurisprudence’ or equivalency exam. Colleges have special provisions or requirements when a Massage Therapist who is not registered wants to work in a regulated province.

There is no guarantee of training or ability in self-regulated provinces such as Alberta, so people seeking the services a Massage Therapist are advised to confer with an organization such as The Certified Registered Massage Therapist Association, which requires a Massage Therapist to complete the provincially required minimum of 2200 hours of training.