COVID19 CRMTA Member Update – Provincial Relaunch Strategy

Alberta Relaunch Strategy

CRMTA would like to recognize the announcement that was made by Premier Jason Kenney outlining Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy.  Massage Therapy has been placed in Stage 2 of the provincial reopening plan, please recognize that we do not have a date that this stage will take place.  We understand that many therapists are eager to return to practice, but we must follow the Alberta Health Services (AHS) and provincial government guidelines in this reopening plan.  This means that massage therapists cannot return to practice until the Stage 2 provincial reopening plan has been announced.  We understand that many massage therapists work in chiropractic and physiotherapist clinics which these practices have been placed in Stage 1 of the reopening plan.  This does not mean that massage therapists are permitted to practice in those clinics during the Stage 1 reopening plan.  CRMTA maintains the importance of following all AHS and provincial government guidelines.  Please be aware, to practice prior to the Stage 2 provincial reopening can result in fines from local authorities and will be considered professional misconduct.  In the interim,  please continue to visit the CRMTA website for updates and all information regarding the health and safety requirements and protocols necessary for the Stage 2 provincial reopening plan.

For any therapists that are due to renew their membership please ensure it is up to date in anticipation of the Stage 2 provincial reopening to avoid delays in the processing of membership and insurance claims. Continuing education credits and criminal record check requirements are deferred until next year but will not prevent you from renewing this year,  however, we are offering many online classes on our website to keep our members engaged.

CRMTA values our members and hopes that everyone is staying safe and healthy during an unprecedented time.