Research Grants

Master’s and Seed Research Grants for CRMTA

The Certified Registered Massage Therapist Association (CRMTA) offers financial support for students in master’s programs that include significant research initiatives. We also offer Seed Research funding to researchers affiliated with recognized Alberta institutions.

We recognize the importance of ongoing studies in support of the massage therapy profession, and as such the CRMTA provides scholarships to promote recognized research and education initiatives.

Master’s Grants

Each eligible candidate must have been formally accepted as a student (full- or part-time) in an accredited Canadian master’s program. The program and its course of study, including research, must have a strong relationship to massage therapy.

Priority will be given to a students at an Alberta university, as well as those who have demonstrated a commitment to research careers.

Students may re-apply for financial support during each year of their master’s studies, if in programs where research is a substantial component. Master’s programs with a significant research (ie. thesis-based) component, or a thesis requirement, will be given preference over programs that are primarily based on course work.

Clinically-oriented programs that do not offer significant contribution to research literature will not be accepted, nor will programs that result in a professional designation.

Seed Grants

Seed Grant funding is offered annually to fund research projects that promote developments in the profession of massage therapy and advance the goals of the CRMTA in Alberta. These grants may be used to develop a thorough research proposal that can be submitted to a granting body, or to conduct smaller pilot projects in a variety of massage therapy-related fields.

Priority with seed grants will be given to clinical trials and/or aspects of massage therapy education in Alberta, with funding available to individual or research teams associated with a research facility or affiliated non-profit group in Alberta. Graduate students enrolled at an accredited post-secondary institution may submit applications; beginner researchers may be considered if working in partnership with an experienced researcher in the massage therapy field.

Preference may be given to research proposals involving CRMTA members on their team. Grants may be used for new or established clinical research projects, to match funds for an existing project or to extend the scope of an ongoing project.

Grant Funding Submissions

Applications for research or seed grants can be submitted to the CRMTA office:

9618 Horton Road SW, Calgary, AB T2V 2X5

Please submit one signed original application (stapled) and one electronic copy. An applicant may submit up to two applications, although will be eligible for only one grant per year.

Grant distribution will be determined by the directors of CRMTA and their decision will be considered final. Successful applicants are required to sign a formal agreement prior to receiving any grant monies.

Candidates must be a CRMTA member in good standing at the time of funding. The grants are not available to student or associate members.

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