Continuing Education

Our Continuing Education Program is delivered to Registered Massage Therapists in a variety of ways, including hands-on workshops, lecture-based seminars and online tutorials. These ensure RMTs involved with are constantly upgrading their skills and their knowledge, which not only keeps our members current.

This also inspires public confidence that their massage therapy profession is at the forefront of new technologies and theories that translate into best possible outcomes for the health and wellbeing of our clients.

All Active and Associate CRMTA members must complete 30 Continuing Education credits (CEC) every 3 years in order to maintain their CRMTA membership. A maximum of 10 of the 30 credits can be secondary credits.

Download one of our helpful forms below for more information on CEC credits, instructions on how to submit your course and the submissions forms:

  • Submitting Unapproved Continuing Education Courses: Unapproved courses need to be pre-submitted documents in order to have the course approved for credits.
  • Submitting Approved Continuing Education Courses: You are required to send in a copy of the approved course document or certificate to us for inclusion in your file.

CRMTA form approved courses Feb 2017 CRMTA form unapproved courses Feb 2017

NOTE: If you are a CRMTA member planning on taking a course, you must have it approved prior to receiving any credits. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that CRMTA will approve every course as it needs to be evaluated for value, education competence, primary or secondary credit and more.

Below is a full list of CRMTA pre-approved and pre-scheduled courses and workshops:

Scheduled Courses and Workshops

CRMTA hosts a number of pre-approved and pre-scheduled courses and workshops. You can find them all listed on our Scheduled Courses and Workshops page.

Ongoing Seminars and Workshops

CRMTA also holds ongoing seminars and workshops. While no specific date has been determined, you can Contact Us to learn more about any of the ongoing seminars and workshops listed below.

  • Orthopedic Massage James Waslaski– Join this Dallas-based author and international lecturer on Orthopedic massage, Chronic Pain and sports injuries.
  • The business of massage therapy: Business plan, marketing and resume-writing tips from MaKami College CEO Marija Pavkovic-Tovissi.
  • Social media marketing with Kamea Zelisko of MKT Communications: learn the basics of Social Media Marketing and how to use this free tool to bring business to your massage therapy practice.
  • Sports massage with Dr. James Mally: A Naturopathic doctor in California, Dr. Mally has been doing massage professionally in many different settings since 1975. He integrates his knowledge of anatomy and physiology with the practice of massage.
  • Massage therapy with Bob Cross: A longtime RMT practitioner and instructor in Calgary, Bob specializes in topics such as Physiology, Therapeutic Exercise and Palpation.
  • The Professional Series with Dr. Lanre Salami: Dr. Salami is a medical graduate and massage therapist practicing since 1994.  His background in Orthopedic medicine offers a comprehensive approach to soft tissue dysfunction assessment and treatment. See our list of pre-approved courses for more information.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture with Jess Reynolds: Jess is a Practical Instructor and Nutrition Instructor at MaKami College. Jess is also trained in massage therapy, herbal therapy, orthopedic examination and nutrition.
  • Seminars for Health: Seminars for Health is dedicated to supporting and helping Massage Therapists in upgrading their skills by providing them with superior quality seminars in a wide variety of modalities. Educators are carefully selected for their dedication, experience and superior knowledge within their particular field. Over 110 quality courses per year are offered to support and enhance the massage therapy industry. 
  • The legal side of massage therapy: Lawyer Brian Curial of Miller Thomson law firm shares insights into registering your business, incorporating your company, unanimous shareholders agreements and other legal aspects of running your own business.
  • Rapid Adhesion Release Technique: Two class workshops (upper and lower body) to teach the practitioner hands on releases of the muscles, ligaments and nerves. the class can also help increase your palpation skills and provide cookbook protocols for some of the most complex issues cites often present with. Lecture portion is 1.5 hours followed by individual segments of brief anatomy review followed by hands on demonstration. This course is approved by the MTAS, MTANS, MTAM, NHPC, RMTA and NCBTMB. It is currently under review by the MTAA. Each course is 16 primary education credits. Contact
    Sherri Rutledge for more information – click here.

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